Marian Construction

New Construction

Marian has the experience and the customer service needed to move their client’s projects from concept to reality. Starting from scratch, our team of professionals collaborate to develop and construct an entirely new facility. By teaming with the best local designers and subcontractors to execute our projects, we ensure our client’s satisfaction with any project.

Historical Rehabilitation

Historical rehabilitation is another unique skill to Marian. One of our most familiar projects involves the conversion of a historical school into apartments for Family Scholar House. Marian provided Family Scholar House with complete design to build solutions that integrated preservation efforts. By collaborating with preservation consultants on projects like these, Marian continues to grow its knowledge within the field. This only adds to our understanding of how to better identify the client’s needs while also knowing how to sustain the longevity of such precious structures.

Build to Suit

At times it may be difficult for a client to identify their needs for any certain project. At Marian, we’re confident in supplying our clients with an array of resources that will help identify a solution for their project. Our team of designers and constructers are capable of discovering their client’s needs and better suit a building for them. Marian has successfully guided clients through an array of systems for their projects into seeing it successfully built. Our services allows for this process to be simple and efficient. In the end, our build to suit service focuses on providing the client with the essentials that allows for their project, no matter how wild, to be a clean and an impressive experience.

Tenant Finish

Sometimes it’s hard for a client to envision a project within an empty shell. At Marian, our team of design and construction experts excel at assisting the client to view the possibility of a space. Marian is a professional at taking the shell of a facility and developing a solution that completes the ambitions of our client. Whether they are the ambitions of a restaurateur or of funding the client’s project, Marian will be there.

Construction Management

Construction management is an operating system that promotes for the successful execution of investment projects. Construction management involves many responsibilities, including project management, quality management, cost management, contract administration, and safety management. When investing in any project there are many risks that often involve highly complex issues. Very few owners have the resources or time necessary to provide continuous attention to such details, but at Marian Construction it is our duty to help minimize those dilemmas. Our expertise encompasses every stage of our client’s projects, from pre-construction planning to designing, complete construction oversight and post-construction closeout. We are confident in providing a seamless and effortless process that allows for the investor’s income to continuously work for them.

Drafting & Design

Our full-time Drafting and Design team is able to complement our collection of construction services in addition to working with clients on a stand-alone basis to provide contract design and planning work.